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About Berkshire Keep Fit Association

A brief history of Berkshire KFA

The Readi
ng and District KFA was formed in 1954.
This became Berkshir
e KFA in 1960.

From 1962 Berkshire class leaders could attend accredited national training to qualify as professional KFA teachers, and Berkshire members performed in the regional team at the annual KFA Movement Festival at the Royal Albert Hall.

During the 1960s and 1970s enthusiastic teachers set up popular summer classes, recreational weekends were held at the prestigious Bisham Abbey, and ‘Spotlight’ - a local KFA festival - was held at various venues in the county. At that time KFA classes were springing up all over the county, many in the programmes of Adult Education Centres. Membership was high, and the Berkshire annual membership fee in1966 was five shillings. There was great demand for the unique fitness and feel-good factor that comes from a sociable, non-competitive KFA exercise and movement-to-music class.

A KFA competition movement and dance team

1981 saw the first performance by a Berkshire County Team. Since then the team has been renewed every one or two years with new producers and members, and is a source of great pride in the county.

In 1982 Jane Fonda produced her first ‘aerobics’ fitness video leading to a boom in all kinds of exercise and dance classes. The competitive fitness world was born. In line with the rest of the KFA, Berkshire has adapted its image to take account of changing expectations from the public but maintains its holistic approach to fitness in classes that are original, sociable and supportive.

Berkshire’s dedicated teachers, voluntary committee members and helpers continue to provide effective, enjoyable exercise, movement and dance fitness classes, and a lively programme of events for members. Class members are supportive and loyal
and Berkshire is enormously proud of the fact that
Keep Fit is for life with members maintaining an enviable level of fitness and mobility well into later life.

Exercise fads come and go. Berkshire KFA continues to deliver the goods!

History written by Maureen Maude, Vice President, Berkshire KFA.

The Berkshire KFA Executive Committee

The Berkshire KFA executive committee comprises class members, teachers and/or trainers of teachers who voluntarily devote their time to the running of Berkshire KFA and organising social events for the benefit of its members.

Their work includes:

  • Sending out regular newsletters.
  • Ensuring this website is kept current and relevant.
  • Organising and running the Annual General Meeting every May. The event usually includes one or more keep fit sessions in which attendees can participate and one or more displays by keep fit teams.
  • Organising and running an end of year event during November/December.
  • Arranging and running weekly summer classes for class members to attend if their own classes close down for the summer.
  • Inviting different teachers to represent Berkshire KFA as producers of the Berkshire County Display Team.
  • Liaising with other KFA Associations, the national KFA and EMDP
  • Lots and lots of behind the scenes administration!

Berkshire KFA members working at a rally

The Berkshire KFA Teacher Training Sub-Committee

This sub-committee comprises teachers and/or trainers of teachers who voluntarily devote their time to organising and overseeing the running of training courses and continued professional development days ("CPD" days )in Berkshire.

Their work includes:

  • Organising and running regular First Aid training days.
  • Liaising with Southern Counties KFA regarding CPD days in the region and then organising and running those to be held in Berkshire.
  • Liaising with Southern Counties KFA regarding various training courses in the region and then organising and running those to be held in Berkshire.
  • Ensuring all Berkshire KFA teachers complete their required CPD hours etc.

The Berkshire KFA Constitution

Following an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) on 27 November 2010 a new Berkshire KFA constitution was agreed and came into effect.
View Berkshire KFA constitution dated 27 November 2010

At the Berkshire KFA AGM on 7 May 2011 Section 9 was amended and agreed by the members.
View the constitution as amended on 7 May 2011

Please contact Janet, the Berkshire KFA Secretary, at
berkshirekfa@tiscali.co.uk if you have any queries or comments.

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