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About the KFA

There are a very large number of KFA teachers throughout the country with thousands of people attending KFA classes.

The KFA is part of
Exercise Move Dance UK.

How did we start?

In 1929 physiotherapist Norah Reed set up “The Keep Fit Adventure” for women in Sunderland. She enthused would-be teachers to undertake appropriate training and so spread the gospel of keep fit - her philosophy was that 'Keep Fit' was for all. Later, as the Physical Education Adviser to Hampshire, Norah Reed continued to develop the work.

In the 1930s & 40s Keep Fit “health & efficiency” classes sprang up all over the country.

In 1954 Eileen Fowler began weekly keep fit broadcasts on the radio which led to daily classes on television.

In 1956 the national Keep Fit Association (KFA) was born. Norah Reed was the first President of the national Keep Fit Association.


The Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP ) was formed by an alliance of three organisations - The Keep Fit Association, Medau Society and The Fitness League - who by virtue of what they deliver have been in existence delivering local exercise, movement and dance classes for over 50 years each. They identified a need to create an alliance and worked extremely hard to create a business to sustain and grow participation in their chosen field.

Sport England's leading Governing Body for Exercise, Movement & Dance and is actively pursuing all opportunities to get more people, more active, more often, to improve general health and raise awareness of the benefits of their physical activity.

Classes cover an age range of 3 years to over 90 years, with highly trained teachers, whose qualification gains them entry to the
Register of Exercise Professionals as Advanced Instructors, level 3.

Berks KFA members enjoying an open class

Significant moments:

  • In 1929, Miss Norah Reed held her first Keep Fit Movement classes in Sunderland. They were known as the Keep Fit Adventure.

  • In the early 1930's the Lancashire Keep Fit Movement was launched and at about the same time, the Rochdale Keep Fit Association.

  • In 1950, the first Regional Association was formed. This was the Eastern Counties which covered six counties.

  • In 1954 the Reading and District KFA was formed. In 1960 this became the Berkshire KFA.
Floor work at a summer class with Berkshire KFA members
  • On 22 September 1956, some 500 enthusiasts met in Coventry - 27 years after the beginning of the Sunderland Keep Fit Movement - and our national body The Keep Fit Association of England and Wales was born.

  • The KFA was a founder member of the Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership, now known as EMD UK (Exercise Move Dance UK).

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