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The Alzheimer’s Society - 2018

The KFA has chosen the Alzheimer's Society as it's charity of choice for 2018. As always, Berkshire is proud to be part of the nationwide fundraising efforts of the KFA.

Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to chat to your class teacher about what your class can do to raise money for this very worthwhile cause? Your donations will help fund crucial research and provide support to families affected by this cruel disease.

A free fundraising pack is available here:
Alternatively, you can contact Alzheimer’s Society directly on 0330 333 0804 or email

If you are planning any fundraising activity please contact Chris Stannard so that she can discuss any publicity required and advise you on how to process the funds raised. Email Chris at

The Eve Appeal - 2015/16

The KFA has chosen
The Eve Appeal as it's charity of choice for 2015-2016. As always, Berkshire is proud to be part of the nationwide fundraising efforts of the KFA.

The Eve Appeal aims to raise awareness of 5 genealogical cancers linked to ladies.

The Eve Appeal are grateful to have been chosen as our National Charity and keen to help us make this venture a successful one. A sample fund raising pack and order form for fund raising materials will be made available to KFA teachers (more available from the Eve Appeal Office email office@eveappeal.org.uk).

Please send any money raised for the Eve Appeal to the Southern Counties KFA Regional Treasurer to enable the Region to keep a note of the amount raised before forwarding onto the Office. Email
berkshirekfa@tiscali.co.uk for details of how to contact the Treasurer.

Charity Venture - Brassieres Galore!! - 2015

Thank you to everyone for your fantastic achievement by divesting yourselves of your bras! The donations came flooding in from Berkshire members. The response was amazing.

KFA members in Hampshire had taken on the challenge of collecting 3000 bras by 21st May 2015, Bag-a-Bra Day, and asked other Southern Counties members for their help. It’s all in aid of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and women in West Africa. The Air Ambulance will receive 10p for each bra donated and the women in West Africa will be the recipients of all our donated lingerie.

We have been told “
being able to wear a bra gives the women status and helps improve their self esteem”.

At the last count, the total bra collection was 3790, and there are still some more coming in. This has been a really successful charity venture by Southern Counties KFA.

Diane James

The Macular Society - 2013/14

The KFA has chosen the Macular Society as its charity of choice for 2013-2014. Berkshire is proud to be part of the nationwide fundraising efforts of the KFA.

Macular conditions affect the central part of the retina and cause loss of central vision. It is the most common cause of sight loss in industrialised countries. The Macular Society has been supporting people with macular conditions for 25 years by offering information and support whilst funding research to find a cure.

Fitness, Fundraising and Fun

Our Keep Fit class, taught by Maureen Maude, has been a way of life for many of us here in Caversham. It is always fun, we are keeping fit, making friends and fundraising at the same time.

In the summer breaks our members have organised fun walks on our class evening and we have all learnt more about our local area and discovered parts we would never have known were there. These walks have been good training for those of us taking part in the
Cancer Research Race for Life, the Breast Cancer Moonwalk and the Colorectal Research Fund walk to name just a few.

I took part in the Colorectal Research Fund walk around Richmond Park on 26 September 2010. My eldest son was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 36 and has had a number of operations and six months of chemotherapy since then. His surgeon set up the
Colorectal Research Fund to help pay for research into ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and bowel cancer. The walk was to raise money for this fund. The Keep Fit class raised almost £300 for this charity and I am very grateful for their generosity but even more for their support and friendship throughout this time.

Our Keep Fit class has been a springboard for new friendships, new interests and a helping hand for many of our favourite charities – many thanks from all of us to those organising the classes and training the KFA teachers!

Margaret Wilson
Class member
October 2010

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