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Executive Committee

Who's Who in BKFA

Berkshire Keep Fit KFA Sub-Committee Debbie

Deborah Miller, Chairman from May 2013

Joined Committee: May 2012

KFA background: Teacher

I joined the KFA in 2008 to become a teacher. It was definitely one of my better decisions and my life has changed considerably. I now regularly teach one class a week for active adults, which I love. In 2009 I became part of the Teacher Training Sub Committee because I wanted to be more involved. In 2010 I qualified as a Youth Moves teacher and teach one Youth Moves class a week.

I was delighted to join the Berkshire KFA Executive Committee at the May 2012 AGM and take on the role of Vice Chairman.

I have been fortunate enough to be a member of both county and a championship teams - which were fantastic experiences. I have also taught at a Berkshire KFA event and at Summer Classes.

Position vacant, Vice Chairman

Joined Committee:

KFA background:

Other information:

Lesley Wyman

Lesley Wyman, Honorary Treasurer from May 2017

Joined Committee: May 2017

KFA background: Teacher

I am a qualified KFA teacher and have been a member since 2012. Although I haven’t run my own class because of a demanding day job – from which I have just retired – I have taught summer classes and stood in for the teacher (Shirley Stallwood) at the class I attend in Lower Earley.

I have always loved to dance – ballet and tap as a child, then two years at the London School of Contemporary Dance after leaving school. So when I was invited to be Berkshire KFA’s county display team producer I jumped at the chance and have produced Berkshire's last two county team items.

Being introduced to
Laban* through the KFA has been a real blessing and I have met and got to know many lovely people. I love going to classes, rallies and other KFA events. Master classes and Concordat (National KFA's annual weekend for teachers) are so much fun and a real challenge.

Now that I have retired I decided to volunteer to go onto the Committee to give something back to the KFA family that gives me an amazing amount of pleasure. I hope to fulfil the role of treasurer to the high standard Diane James has set for the past 7 years.

* Laban is part of the KFA teacher training curriculum. It gives KFA teachers the tools to create their own original choreography – which is what makes every KFA class unique.

Berkshire Keep Fit KFA Secretary Janet

Janet Richmond, Honorary Secretary from May 2005
Also Southern Counties Regional Member Liaison Officer & Member Liaison Director at National KFA

Joined Committee: end of 2004

KFA background: Class Member

In 1966 I became a member of the KFA and joined a KFA class in Tilehurst. The class is still going strong and I still attend.

I have performed in numerous displays at class level, as a member of the Berkshire County Display Team and as a member of the Southern Counties Regional Display Team which performs at the National KFA Festival of Movement & Dance. Since the introduction of the National Championships, I have also been a member of several competing teams.

I am pleased to have served on both the local and regional KFA Committees:

  • In 1974, I joined the Berkshire Committee and was delighted to be Chairman from 1993-1996.
  • From 1998-2000 I was equally delighted to hold the office of Chairman of Southern Counties.
  • Other positions I have held have been Berkshire Rep at Southern Counties and Editor of the Southern Counties annual magazine.

I was delighted to win the national Volunteer of the Year Award followed in 2013 by Southern Counties presenting me with a Life Time Achievement Award and Regional Life Membership.

Since joining the KFA I have made many great friends. It is wonderful to know that throughout the Association there is support for everyone, when illness or problems arise.
We are one large family.

Chris Stannard

Chris Stannard, Communications Officer

Joined Committee: May 2017

KFA background: Teacher

My KFA life began in 1979 purely by accident. On leaving college I wanted to do something active so decided to enrol for a community badminton class. Unfortunately, it was fully booked so I decided to try this strange thing called "keep fit". It turned out to be Maureen Maude's class so I couldn't have had a better start.

Having studied piano for six years, I loved music, but learning how to move was so much more fun than endless hours of practising my scales and it kept me fit into the bargain!

I have taken part in many class, county and regional display teams over the years including several Royal Albert Hall regional display team items.

In 1985 I qualified as a teacher and gained my Advanced Teacher Certificate in 1987. This led me to teach classes in Woodley and Woodcote for ten years and was lucky enough to produce class items and two county display team items.

I continue to be a regular class member and thoroughly enjoyed working with Lesley Wyman when we jointly choreographed and entered the duo movement section at the KFA's national championships in mid-June 2017.

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