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Meet the Teachers

Below are just a few of our Berkshire teachers.

If you are interested in attending one of their classes, please email
berkshirekfa@tiscali.co.uk and let us know. We will ask the teacher to get in touch with you.

A list of all our Berkshire classes can be found on
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My training started in ballet, tap and modern dance at the age of 7. When I started work, I joined a dance group and my weekends were often spent travelling all over of the country. We performed all sorts, including the Can Can.

I met a Keep Fit Association teacher who encouraged me to qualify as a KFA teacher. Im so pleased she did and I started teaching Keep Fit classes at the age of 22 and have never looked back. I have been invited to teach at numerous local, regional and national events. I have also been the producer of display teams at regional, county and class level (the latter both seated and active class displays. I love the challenge of thinking up new and different routines and making them enjoyable to do as well as an effective body workout.

Apart from my love of dance and the creativity involved in teaching, Im fascinated by the physical effect on the body which has led me to take a diploma in anatomy and physiology.

Qualified KFA teacher.

6 seated classes
3 active classes for adults



I was introduced to a KFA class in 2012 and became a KFA member almost immediately. It wasn't long before I started attending KFA events and taking part in display teams.

Although a demanding day job has prevented me from running a class of my own, I have taught summer classes and stood in for the teacher at the class I attend in Lower Earley. In 2016 I jumped at the opportunity to be Berkshire KFAs county display team producer and then continued for a second year and second item with the team.

I have always loved to dance ballet, tap, followed by the London School of Contemporary Dance.

Being introduced to Laban* through the KFA has been a real blessing and I have met and got to know many lovely people. I love going to classes, rallies and other KFA events. Master classes and Concordat (the annual training weekend for KFA teachers organised by the national KFA) are so much fun and a real challenge.

Qualified KFA teacher.

Classes: Not teaching regular class.

* Laban is part of the KFA teacher training curriculum. It gives KFA teachers the tools to create their own original choreography which is what makes every KFA class unique.


I am a teacher, former trainer of teachers and a producer of displays at class, county, regional and competition level.

At 5 years old I began ballet classes and won a scholarship to the Royal Ballet School. Sadly I had to leave at the age of 11.When I was 21 years old I went along to my local Keep Fit class in London and was hooked.

In 1977 I qualified in London and apart from one small break (I had to get back to teaching as I missed it so much!), have been teaching ever since. I went on to achieve my Advanced Teaching Certificate, followed by the Diploma in Teacher Training Skills (qualifying me to train our potential and existing teachers) and then the Advanced Diploma.

In 1995 I qualified to teach children aged 4-16.

Currently I teach Body Moves and Mature Moves classes and I love it!
I love teaching people who have never moved or danced before and seeing them transform.

  • Trained and qualified KFA teacher.
  • Trained and qualified Youth Moves teacher.
  • Trained and qualified trainer of teachers.


  • Daytime and evening classes In Woodley and Wokingham - Body Moves, Mature Moves.
Berkshire Keep Fit KFA teacher Jeanette
Berkshire Keep Fit KFA teacher Linda


I love all aspects of dance and fitness and that's what I offer in my classes - a blend of both. Whilst living abroad I trained in Indian classical dance, ballet and West Indies dances. Once back in England I took up ballroom dancing which was great fun. Over 20 years ago I joined the KFA because of their ethos of dance based keep fit.

As a KFA teacher I know how important it is to my class members to mix fun, fitness and dance
- there is nothing better than having fun whilst keeping healthy.

  • Trained and qualified KFA teacher.
  • Trained and qualified Youth Moves teacher.


  • Thursdays in Bracknell - Fit Moves daytime class


I joined the KFA in 2008. It was
definitely one of my better decisions and my life has changed considerably. I now regularly teach one class a week for active adults, which I love. In 2010 I qualified as a Youth Moves teacher and teach one Youth Moves class a week.

I have been fortunate enough to be a member of both county and a championship teams - which were fantastic experiences. I have also taught at Berkshire KFA events including Summer Classes.

  • Trained and qualified KFA teacher.
  • Trained and qualified Youth Moves teacher.


  • Wednesday evenings in Ascot



Trained in ballet, tap, modern dance and national dance from the age of 4-14 years, I attended my first KFA class at the age of 15 and never looked back. I qualified and started teaching in 1980 at the age of 22. Some of my class members have been with me since those early days as a nervous but very enthusiastic newly qualified teacher.

In addition to teaching at many KFA events and recreative weekends, I have produced numerous class displays, 4 Berkshire County Display Teams and 2 Southern Counties Display Teams.

To me,
using the right movements to interpret the essence of a piece of music is as important as the fitness elements. Stretching: 1) Lift your arm up and stretch through the arm. 2) Lift your arm up and stretch through your arm and body. 3) Add the right piece of music, lift your arm up and stretch through your arm and body AND ALSO with every fibre of your being and soul as if your life depended upon it. Which one do you think is the most enjoyable as well as the hardest workout? I know which one sends my class members home smiling even though their bodies are tired!

  • Trained and qualified KFA teacher.


  • Tuesday evening class in Lower Earley - Dance Moves.

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