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President & Vice President

Who's Who in BKFA

Berkshire Keep Fit KFA President Carole

Carole Williams, President of Berkshire KFA

I joined Berkshire KFA in September 1969 and never looked back! I continue to be a loyal class member. My teachers have included Lily Mood, Brenda Perris, June Furneaux and, currently Pat Kidd and Shirley Stallwood.

I was invited to use my administrative skills on the Berkshire Committee and at my first meeting found myself unexpectedly in the Secretary's post. I continued my service on the Committee as Chairman, and subsequently Berkshire's representative on Southern Counties. I also served on Southern Counties as Chairman, followed by a 4 year period of office as National Delegate, during which time the National AGM was held in Reading.

My commitment and desire to help run the Association in a professional way led me to serve on various committees and working parties over a period of 29+ years. For a number of years I was a co-ordinator of recreative weekends at Bisham Abbey, Bishop Otter College at Chichester and the Savoy Country Club on the Isle of Wight.

As a class member I still consider myself to be one of the backroom girls and am happy to help at events in any capacity.

I have appeared in numerous demonstrations at all levels - my true love in Keep Fit is skipping.

In May 1997 I became Vice President of Berkshire KFA and was delighted to accept the invitation of Berkshire KFA to become President in May 2009, taking over the role when Jean Stallwood retired.

Berkshire KFA Vice President Maureen Maude

Maureen Maude, Vice President of Berkshire KFA

Attracted by the music and original movement, the first KFA class I attended was in North London in the 1960s.

I moved to Berkshire when I got married and joined a KFA Teacher Training course over 30 years ago. Since then I’ve attended Advanced Training and Trainer Training and enjoyed teaching evening classes at Adult Education Centres and privately in Reading, Southcote and Caversham, taken sessions at the Berkshire KFA recreative weekends at Bisham Abbey, led rallies and summer classes, and forgotten what else in the passage of time!

As well as being a team member in demonstrations, including at the Royal Albert Hall, I’ve also been privileged to be Berkshire’s County Team producer. And by some strange quirk of fate I found myself the announcer at the Royal Albert Hall at four of the KFA annual festivals, which was not only a privilege but meant I had the best seat in the house - aside from the Royal Box - for free!

I learned a lot about the way Berkshire KFA works as executive chairman and subsequently as chairman of the Training Committee. Those were heady and exciting days when the KFA was "packing them in" before the multitude of new exercise disciplines flooded the market.

The KFA is committed to promoting the social as well as the physical well-being of its members. Fabulously, keep fitters are lively, interesting, warm, engaging people who are great fun to be with. It’s a pleasure to work alongside Berkshire KFA’s President, Carole Williams, and an honour to be Berkshire’s Vice President.

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