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Teacher Training Sub-Committee

Who's Who in BKFA

Berkshire Keep Fit KFA Sub-Committee Chairman Anne

Anne Mogg, Chairman

KFA background: Teacher and former Trainer

I started my keep fit career in 1967 when a friend asked me to go with her to a new keep fit class in the village. Reluctantly I went along and was hooked from the first movement - she never went again!

I became very interested in the way the lessons were constructed, how there were so many different movement ideas and after taking part in a local display team decided I would like to become a teacher. Just as I completed the course I was asked if I would like to take a class for the local Further Education College. Some of those students still come to my class.

A Teachers Advanced Certificate course followed and then a Trainer's course. I tutored 3 Teachers Certificate courses.

Following this I remarried, took on a new family and found I could not dedicate enough time to training, so I gave up training.

Currently I teach a Dance Moves, a Fit Moves, a Mature Moves and a seated class.

Berkshire Keep Fit KFA Sub-Committee Jeanette

Jeanette Hughes, Training Rep & Minuting Secretary

KFA background: Teacher, Trainer, Youth Moves Teacher and former National Chair of the KFA

In addition to being a teacher, former trainer and Youth Moves teacher, I have been the producer of many display teams at class, county, regional and competition level.

I qualified in London in 1977 and apart from one small break (I had to get back to teaching as I missed it so much!), I have been teaching ever since. I went on to achieve my Advanced Teaching Certificate, followed by the Diploma in Teacher Training Skills and then the Advanced Diploma. In 1995 I qualified to teach children aged 4-16.

Currently I teach classes that are a mixture of Body Moves and Mature Moves. And I love it!

Having gained so much from the Association I felt I needed to put something back. By serving on the Training Committee I help teachers to renew, update and develop their knowledge and expertise, so that all Berkshire teachers can provide the best possible experience for their class members.

Berkshire Keep Fit KFA Sub-Committee Sarah

Sarah Lawson, First Aid Course Organiser & Teachers' Records Administrator

KFA background: Teacher

When I was in my early 20's I started going to Jeanette Hughes' classes. I went on to become a KFA teacher and have been teaching since 1993.

In 1998 I joined the Berkshire KFA training sub-committee and am still serving.

I have had the honour of being a member in several Albert Hall Regional Display Teams as well as various Berkshire County Display Teams. In 2009 I was delighted to be part of Jeanette Hughes' competition team at the Blackpool championship. It was an amazing experience.

Berkshire Keep Fit KFA Sub-Committee Debbie

Deborah Miller, Training Course Liaison Officer

KFA background: Teacher

I joined the KFA in 2008 as soon as I heard about them when Viv Little persuaded me to train as a teacher. It was definitely one of my better decisions and my life has changed considerably. I now regularly teach one private class a week, which I love, and became part of the Teacher Training Sub Committee in 2009 because I wanted to be more involved.

In 2010 I also qualified as a Youth Moves teacher and now teach one Youth Moves class a week.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in both a county and a championship team which were fantastic experiences.

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