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Types of Classes

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The range of class styles delivered by KFA trained teachers offers a unique way of getting fit and meeting people in a social environment.

Berkshire KFA members taking part in a workshop

Our teachers are dedicated to the provision of safe and effective exercise, movement and dance based on Rudolph Laban's principles of movement. Known as the father of modern dance, he devised a clear and concise movement language that gives teachers the tools to provide an holistic workout with functional fitness through creative choreography.

You choose your preferred style of class and work at your own pace. Whatever you select you can be sure you are in safe hands.

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KFA Body Moves

Classes are designed to make the whole body move, working on core stability, posture, mobility and general well-being.

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KFA Dance Moves

The fun way to achieve fitness through dance based classes. Discover a talent for movement, a rhythmic ability, and muscles you didn't know you possessed.

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KFA Fit Moves

Exercise to music classes including challenging fitness components to keep you mentally and physically active.

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KFA Creative Moves

A unique opportunity to join like minded people.
Classes are designed to encourage personal creativity in movement based on Laban's analysis.

KFA Mature Moves

Ideal for the active retired. Chair based classes also available for those unable to stand for periods of time.
Enhance your daily life with sessions designed to maintain and improve your mobility and memory, including strengthening exercises to help prevent falls and improve posture.

KFA Youth Moves

Ages 4 to 16.
These classes offer excellent ways to increase your children's physical activity through creative movement and dance.

The range of class styles offered will vary across venues and availability of teachers able to teach a particular style.

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